Indicative Valuations

Valuation is relevant to every transaction, whether you are selling, buying or merging. It is also so much more than a pure mathematical calculation.

Whatever the reason for the valuation, it is imperative that a commercial mindset be adopted to understand the business, how it operates, its strengths and weaknesses, and the industry landscape in which it operates.

Tyrrell Advisory understands the importance of valuation to every engagement it undertakes and the impact it has for our clients in making key strategic decisions.

Relevant Valuations

Indicative valuations across a range of sectors

In recent years we have undertaken a number of indicative valuations for companies looking to understand the value of their business or businesses. Sectors in which these companies have operated include events management, education, signage, engineering and building products.

Reasons driving such valuations have included:

  • Assisting our clients to negotiate with third parties who have approached our client with an interest in buying our clients’ businesses
  • Assisting shareholders looking to agree arrangements between themselves or extending invitations to potential new shareholders
  • Assisting owners to understand the value of their business in order to decide whether to undertake a sale process or pursue other initiatives in the first instance.